Fact Check Mitzi

Mitzi Epstein’s words don’t match her actions. Voters deserve to know the facts:




  • Mitzi Epstein claims to be your education, water, and business champion (according to her Facebook ads).
  • FACT: She voted NO on the bipartisan #20×2020 teacher pay raise (HB2663/SB1521, 2018) and on every other proposed education funding increase since she took office.
  • FACT: She voted NO on the bill which established the landmark Long-Term Water Augmentation Fund and the Joint Legislative Water Committee to secure our water future (SB1740/HB2873, 2022).
  • FACT: She holds a dismal 25% rating from the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) based on her small business voting record in the last legislative session.
  • FACT: She is not endorsed by any Chambers of Commerce.


David Richardson is running for State Senate to represent our district the way it deserves to be represented. Vote for a candidate with integrity. Vote David Richardson on or before November 8th.

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