From Lab to Legislature | Interview with AZBio

David transitioned from a career in engineering to start his first life science company in 2016. Just two years later, the Arizona Bioindustry Association (AZBio) honored David and his co-founders with the Fast Lane Award in recognition of their rapid progress in developing drug discovery and diagnostic tools to enable truly personalized treatment for cancer patients.

Last week, he had the opportunity to speak with AZBio about making a new leap—from the lab to the legislature:

“To make the leap from engineer to CEO requires a change in focus. You go from focusing on a design to focusing on a vision, a roadmap. Engineers are always looking down. CEOs are always looking forward. I see that CEO mindset as invaluable in the realm of policy-making. … I’m making this leap now because we need more legislators who will look forward. I want to be a part of proposing long-term solutions that will keep Arizona on the road to prosperity.”

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