Guiding Philosophy

In his approach to issues, David is driven by the desire to leave Arizona better for our children’s children. He believes that winning shouldn’t be about political parties scoring points, but rather about ensuring that the next generations of Arizonans prosper because of the decisions we make today. 

David believes that the issues facing our community are complex and deserve a serious approach, which requires a willingness to listen, embrace nuance, and adopt a forward-looking mindset (beyond just one election cycle).

With this in mind, he holds to four core values in assessing his approach to the complex issues facing our district and state:


From his own experience growing up impoverished in Central Phoenix, to becoming a first generation college graduate and entrepreneur, David knows firsthand that educational opportunity has the power to change the course of a person’s life.

He strongly believes that upward mobility is enabled by providing equal access to education, which elevates people from poverty, empowers individuals to work and become financially independent, and equips community members to start their own businesses. Education provided a way out of poverty for David, and he values measures that allow parents and families to access the educational opportunities that best fit their kids.

To support opportunities for graduates, David values measures that increase ease of doing business in our community. Since entrepreneurship and innovation drive economic growth, with small businesses creating two-thirds of new jobs nationwide, measures that hinder the entrepreneurial spirit inevitably lead to an increase in poverty in the community.

More often than not, he sees that innovation, not regulation, holds the key to existential problems our community faces.


David believes our children’s children should enjoy access to high-paying jobs, educational resources, and communities with ample water supply. To ensure a sustainable future for our state, he will support measures that spur economic growth and entrepreneurship in order to drive opportunity and produce prosperity for Arizonans.

At the same time, economic growth and our very livelihoods require a sustainable water supply for our state. If we focus solely on building a strong economy but neglect to address our water supply, any prosperity Arizonans seek to achieve will be fleeting at best and unobtainable at worst.

With this in mind, David will support policies that encourage water reuse, water conservation, and creative sourcing of water, as these measures are critical to ensuring sustainable livelihoods for our community. He believes it is possible to solve the water problem while balancing both fiscal responsibility and personal liberties.

To David, holistic sustainability encompasses both tax policies and groundwater management, both innovation incentives and desalination initiatives, because we need both a strong economy and a steady water supply to keep Arizona on the path toward enduring prosperity.


David values people and is inspired by the individuals in his community. Government cannot replace the importance of community, but he believes government has an important role to play in supporting it. At the end of every policy decision is a person whose life is impacted for better or worse, and David seeks to craft and support policy measures that keep this top of mind. 

In addressing issues facing our community that are frequently controversial and divisive—abortion, immigration, public safety, and more—David believes it is possible to reach common ground by remembering the individuals who are impacted by these issues.

He values immigration measures that celebrate the diversity of our community and honor our community’s need for safety at our border.

He values policy that holds compassion for women facing unplanned pregnancy and advocates for the lives of unborn children.

He believes it is possible to enforce public safety laws that protect local businesses and neighborhoods and pursue innovative programs to address poverty and mental health challenges in our community.

David holds to the truths stated in the Arizona Constitution, that the government derives its power from the people and exists to protect their individual rights. He believes it is the duty of elected officials to adopt a people-first approach to policy, ensuring a thriving Arizona for future generations.


David believes our economy will not thrive unless our people are thriving, and people thrive when their liberty is preserved. He will always support and champion measures that protect our constitutional rights and freedoms, including free exercise of religion, free speech, private property ownership, and the freedom to bear arms.  

David believes that our government should not regulate speech, but rather that the community should counteract and drown out vile speech with good speech.

He believes our government should never infringe on an Arizonan’s religious practice, ask them to act contrary to their conscience, or prohibit their freedom to gather.

Our system of checks and balances is as important to our state and country as water is to the desert, and because David believes the ultimate check and balance on government power is the people’s right to bear arms, he will staunchly uphold the 2nd amendment.  

Individual prosperity is directly correlated to individual liberty, and the preservation of liberty requires that our government be both as small as possible and only as large as necessary. In evaluating policies, David will carefully weigh whether a measure infringes on personal liberty, or whether it erodes a check and balance.

He believes we can address the complex issues before us without sacrificing our liberty, and that it is the duty of policy makers not to infringe on Arizonans’ fundamental rights.